The syndicate currently operates 8 aircraft based at Aldinga Airfield in South Australia. Units are available to suitable applicants, with a guaranteed buy back option, and interest free finance. Operating costs are purely restricted to an hourly usage cost which combines all fixed and variable costs in a wet rate (based on YADG fuel prices).  A dedicated syndicate hangar is available which allows for free car parking whilst aircraft are away, and an on-line booking system is available to syndicate unit holders. Life jackets and additional headsets are owned by the syndicate and are available at no additional cost.

Hourly rates can vary based on fuel and operating costs but have remained steady for the past year. The syndicate is focused on providing affordable aircraft and encourages aircraft to be used on longer trips or adventures. Pilots interested in acquiring a unit to access the fleet are welcome to obtain more details by contacting Jan Logan at info@flyinglogan.com.au